Vegas Police Arrest Student Issuing School Death Threats On Instagram — Unlike Broward County

On Sunday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan police were notified of a young boy who posted deadly threats in regards to his school on Instagram. Now, unlike the Broward County Sheriffs Department, these police took action.

The 13-year-old attending Pinecrest Academy posted five images on Instagram, which included captions like “Prepare for school on Monday” and “I’m going to murder you.” According to Fox5Vegas, he also wrote that he had a death list.

Once campus faculty were made aware of the threats, they immediately contacted the authorities. Additionally, the school contacted parents of the situation and that the student in question was arrested.

Lierin Gorsky is a parent who has three kids enrolled in the school a 13-year-old, a second-grader and kindergartner. Speaking to Fox5:

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Psychiatric help. I think he needs inpatient psychiatric care. My daughter is 13 and we got the screen shots of it [Sunday]. My daughter was freaking out. I feel bad for this child who is acting out like this, because obviously something is wrong and their parents have not dealt with it. I mean the student is on Instagram, what kid is on Instagram at 12 or 13 years old?

One parent reported to News3Las Vegas that the student made the posts because he was being bullied. “He said along the lines of ‘I remember all of you and tomorrow I will murder you.’” She added, “It has been made known to me a fact that this child has been bullied and teased at school.”



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