Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos LEFT the Country Days After the Massacre

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos, left the country just days after America’s worst mass shooting, a recent report has unveiled.

Campos, who is a key witness in the Vegas massacre, reentered the country from Mexico a week after the incident occurred.

Fox News‘ journalist Tucker Carlson obtained a document revealing this information.

Reasons as to why Campos went to Mexico and how long he was there are not disclosed in the Customs and Border Patrol document, however.

Via the Daily Mail: All it showed was that he crossed back into the U.S. on October 8 via the San Ysidro border check in California and appeared to be driving a rental car with California plates. 

Fox News also learned that he traveled to Mexico in January too, crossing back into the U.S. at the same border crossing. That time he was driving his own car with Nevada plates.  

The document raises several questions – the biggest being why investigators would have let Campos out of the country so soon after the shooting when he was one of the key witnesses. 

Other questions that remain are how he was physically able to take the trip. The hundreds of miles he had to drive would certainly have agitated his recently shot leg.

In the report by Fox News, it was also discovered that Campos did not have all the qualifications to be a security guard in Nevada; so he did not have a license.

When [Fox investigators] called the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to see what kind of licensing is required to work as a security guard at a casino, they were hung up on. 

‘Jesus Campos is a victim and we don’t speak about victims,’ a sheriff’s spokesperson reportedly said.

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