Vegas Shooting Survivor: ‘One week I was running from bullets, the next I was running from fire’

One woman has had a series of unfortunate events happen to her, all within a short time period too.

Michella Flores, flight attendant and former firefighter and paramedic, went from surviving the mass shooting which took place in Las Vegas to escaping the flames of California; however her home was completely destroyed.

The 51yr-old hasn’t stopped since the mass shooting and took multiple jobs, not stopping for a break.

‘Last Sunday, I was running from bullets,’ Flores told KTVU. ‘This Sunday, I was running from fire.’

Via the Daily Mail: Flores had flown in to Las Vegas on the morning of October 1, a Sunday, and was waiting for her next job on a flight on Monday night.

She stayed at the Hooters Hotel, which offers discounts to flight crews, right across the street from the Route 91 Harvest festival.

A longtime country music fan with nothing better to do in Sin City, Flores wandered over and was watching Jason Aldean perform from the sidewalk of Las Vegas Boulevard when shots rang out overhead. 

“That’s when everybody started screaming and coming out of the festival screaming, ‘Shooter!”’ Flores told CNN. “I ran down Las Vegas Boulevard.”

She escaped the gunfire by barricading herself and other concert attendees in the conference room of a casino that was close by. It was hours later till they got the all clear to get out.

‘You’re sitting there waiting for someone to open the door and be shot,’ she said. ‘It drove me nuts.’

When she returned to her hotel, the bodies on the trash-strewn festival grounds were visible from her window.

Flores didn’t sleep that night, but she had a job to do the next day on a flight to Boston, and she worked the next four days straight.

When she finally returned home to Santa Rosa, California, she knew there were fires nearby, thanks to a second job as a ground support technician for non-commercial flights, including those used by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

‘I knew we were short-staffed,’ Flores said. ‘We were getting fuel loads for Cal Fire and we need to keep those trucks moving.’

When she got home from work on October 7, she could see the glow of the fire approaching her parent’s home, where she is living while in the process of moving.

She warned her parents to pack and took her dog to a nearby park, where she was listening to a local fire dispatch frequency when she heard the name of her parent’s street crackle over the airwaves.

‘I called my mom,’ Flores said, ‘and my mom screamed in the phone and said, ‘It’s at the bottom of our driveway.”

Flores fought the flames with the local fire crews after racing home to come to the rescue.

At around 4am the next day, things seemed under control and she left for another job at the Oakland airport.

By the time her shift was over, her parent’s rental house had been completely destroyed by the flames.

‘Almost everything I own is gone,’ she told KTVU. ‘My bed, my bike, my clothes, my flight attendant uniforms.’

Fortunately her parents and dog survived the fire. They are now staying in a temporary rental, which Flores had already planned to move into.

The flight attendant has been none stop with work through both crises, saying she is focused on taking care of business.

‘Believe me. This will hit me,’ she said. ‘And it will hit me hard.’

‘Right now, I’m in this space where things need to get done. And I’ll deal with the rest later on.’


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