The Vengeful Parent: Government Shutdown is Giving Obama More Control

obama-executive-orders-gun-controlLet’s be clear. You can blame Republicans for the shutdown. But Republicans ONLY control the House. Democrats control the Senate and the Presidency. Do you really think the Republicans have the power to determine HOW the shutdown is implemented? No, they don’t. Obama and ONLY Obama is the one who decides what will be shut down. NO ONE ELSE has that authority. He is deliberately trying to hurt ALL Americans in order to try to make us mad at the Republicans. What president has EVER done that?!

I don’t hate “people” but I detest the behavior of some people, like parents who are willing to hurt their child in order to hurt the other parent. Mom refusing to let the child see the dad who hasn’t paid child support, dad breaking a restraining order to get arrested in front of the kids just so the kids will see mom “doing this to him” and hopefully hate her as much as he does. Obama is behaving like one of these parents. Vengeful and spiteful.

Over the past several years as our state has been going through budget crisis after budget crisis, our college has had to make many financial cuts. Our president made it very clear that we were to continue serving students as best we can, with as little negative impact to them as possible. And everything that could possibly be done to save staff jobs was done – without ever having to lay off one single employee. While other colleges would lay off a dozen in a day, we didn’t. Never once did our president say, “We are going to make this as painful as possible on both staff and students so that they’ll get mad at the state legislature.” If the president of a tiny community college can operate non-partisan and with ethics, why the hell can’t the president of the United States do it? Because he simply doesn’t want to, he WANTS to hurt people in order to get his own selfish way.

I keep reading about how “they” or “the government” is doing this. No, it is simply Obama. We can’t blame the entire government for Obama’s behavior. We can all understand closing places that cost federal dollars, that had staff that had to normally be paid but were furloughed. But here is the President of the United States, ordering barricading of UNMANNED monuments, parking lots, boat launches, roads, scenic pull-outs, private businesses and broadcasts of football games to our troops! None of these COST federal dollars, they simply EXIST on or near federal land! None of these actions save taxpayer money. They are nothing but a show of pure and simple spite.

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But there is even more to it than the stupidity – the longer this goes on, the more the American people are starting to see all the places that Obama has control over. And Obama is showing us that he will use and ABUSE that power in every way possible. And now he has control of another 1/6 of the economy with healthcare. It’s not just about access to health – it’s about control of our lives. Don’t think he’ll abuse that control? Why wouldn’t he if he’s willing to do all that he’s doing now?

Another scary thing is to look at the number of police and park rangers who are “just following orders” and blocking off private property. Still think they wouldn’t participate in confiscating guns, ending all constitutional rights and putting Americans in “re-education camps”? Still don’t think there’s a possibility of a new civil war with the government against the average American? The way Obama is implementing this shutdown and punishing regular Americans shows that it has already started…

Even my liberal friends are starting to notice the insanity of this. One said to me, “What can we, as the average American do, what kind of civil disobedience can we do, to end this?” One thing would be to follow our role models – the WWII vets. Go past the barricades wherever you are. Another is to write your senators. I wrote mine and told them I hold THEM responsible for the shut down because they changed the law to give themselves an Obamacare waiver and are now screaming that it’s a law and can’t be changed. AFTER they got theirs, they don’t want any changes. Yeah, that sounds fair. Write the White House and let Obama know you blame HIM for how this shutdown is implemented. You’ll see a message on these sites stating that they can’t respond to you because of the shutdown. WRITE ANYWAY.

Obama supporters might want to think about something else, as well – he is willing to hurt YOU, too, in his attempt to get the rest of us to hate Republicans. You thought you were daddy’s favorite child? Well, he doesn’t care about you, it’s all about him and he’ll punish you, too if it works as part of his plan to hurt mommy.

It’s time to pull back federal programs that allow so much control. States need to regain their power and stand up to feds. It’s time for a law that prohibits the president from unilaterally deciding on his own what gets closed during a sequestration or a shutdown. If Bush was in office doing these things, liberals would be blaming Bush alone, SCREAMING (and rightfully so) for change.

If we don’t reject the behavior of this pathetic excuse for a president RIGHT NOW, all of us, even liberals, will be as powerless as a child being used by a controlling, vengeful parent.

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