THIS VESSEL HAS NO CAPTAIN: The Reason Why You Are Not Achieving Your Life Goals


Often times in life, we seek ways to easily motivate ourselves, and me buying new running shoes was a ploy to do just that. Just like the advertisement that promised consumers they’d be more motivated to work out by having to do less, I was assuming that I could rely on a thing to take care of the most crucial factor in achieving any goal – the motivation to “just do it” (…ironic).

There are countless products that we buy and tricks we employ, believing that they will help motivate us to achieve something we desire. Gym memberships and fitness equipment are likely the most common examples, but there are many, many others. For the first several weeks or so, these motivational schemes may go swimmingly, but how often do they just fade out after the honeymoon? Very.

The reason they do fail is not because you’re a bad strategist, but because motivation is only effective when it comes from within. Unless YOU are willing to be the driver of your life – it doesn’t matter what kind of car you have – it will go nowhere.

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“In life the defining factor is not resources, but resourcefulness” – Tony Robbins

The magic shoes ended up not being purchased. And after returning home, I laced up the dirty old sneakers I’d had for years and hit the pavement. Until I could prove to myself that I was motivated to run no matter what shoes I had, what the weather was like, or any other excuse I could fabricate, there was no reason to invest in the equipment to help me do so.

No matter what your situation is in life – a popper or prince – you are the only one who can achieve your goals. Believing that someone or something else will be the motivation to get you there is no more than an excuse to fail.

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