VET GOES BACK TO FIGHT ISIS: ‘I’m Not Fighting for My Country — I’m Serving Christians’

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Seeing his ‘brothers and sisters’ in need, this vet went to the most desperate city and trained those Christians how to fight.

Much like the original Crusades were a response to Muslim aggression, today brave Christian warriors have gone to the Middle East to battle the Islamic State.

Weeks ago, a team from CBS’ “60 Minutes” came across Brett Felton, 28, of Troy, Mich., who slipped into Iraq to help the people of the mostly abandoned Christian town of Bakufa.

He is not only there to fight, but to train the Christians who stayed behind to defend the town.

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Jeff Newton, a “60 Minutes producer” sat down with him for an interview and was clearly impressed.
“If you look at him, he’s literally all tattooed out like a biker,” he said on “60 Minutes Overtime” Sunday. ”But if you look really closely at his tattoos, they’re like Jesus Christ crying blood tears out of his eyes and stuff like that — so he’s kind of a hardcore Christian.”

Felton is no stranger to Iraq. In 2006 he was deployed there with the 10th Mountain Division, 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment.

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