Vice President Pence Announced Who He Brought to the Super Bowl — Says Everything About His Values

penceThese men gave so much for this country. It’s wonderful to see our leaders doing what they can to repay them for their service.

On Friday afternoon, it was announced that Mike Pence would be the fourth sitting vice president to attend the Super Bowl. His predecessors include Spiro Agnew, George H. W. Bush, and Al Gore.

But on Sunday, instead of traveling directly to Houston, the former Indiana governor took a bit of a detour…

He stopped at Andrews Air Force Base, where he met two wounded service members and their guests — and invited them to join him at the game.

The Hill reported:

Pence landed at the base shortly after noon to meet up with Marine Staff Sgt. Anthony Mannino, Jr., who was wounded in Iraq in 2008, and Army Staff Sgt. Frederick Manning, who was injured in Afghanistan last year, to fly them to the game aboard Air Force Two.

Mannino invited his wife Diane as his guest and Manning brought along his nurse from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Army Sgt. First Class Charles Stanley.Mannino is rooting for the New England Patriots, while Manning is pulling for their opponent, the Atlanta Falcons.

We’ve got Falcons fans. We’ve got Patriot fans. There’ll be a winner on this plane on the way back.”


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