‘I Had Victim Written All Over Me’: Woman Who Was Gang Raped By OSU Football Players Gives Her Horrifying Account Of Events

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Bone chilling. I’m glad Brenda has survived these attacks and hope she has made the right choice to learn how to defend herself.

Brenda Tracy, 40, from Oregon, has bravely come forward to detail a chilling account of how she reported the rape to police, saying that she was sexually assaulted in 1998 by four men, three of them college football players.

‘I had victim written all over me,’ she said. ,

She had suffered childhood abuse up until the age of 5, then domestic abuse as she got older at the hands of former boyfriends and attracted the wrong sort of man.

She remembers wearing a turtleneck in the summer once to cover bruising on her neck after being choked by a boyfriend.

‘My self-esteem was gone,’ Tracy said. ‘I didn’t think I was worth anyone really loving me.’

A 28-page report by Corvallis Police Department details the events of the early morning hours of June 24, 1998, when Brenda Tracy’s life changed.

The report outlined a weekday late-night excursion from Keizer to Corvallis by Tracy and her best friend, Karmen McFadden, who were supposed to meet up with her boyfriend and a group of friends.

But instead of a fun get-together, the petite woman ended up naked, in various degrees of consciousness, on the living room floor with men taking turns raping her.

Afterwards, none of the four suspects asked for legal representation. However, all were read their rights and each blamed the other.

They also blamed alcohol for the night’s events at Carlyle’s No. 3 apartment on Northwest 20th Street for what happened to Tracy.

The suspects told police the 24-year-old vomited in the restroom, asked to be left alone and said ‘No,’ at different points in the course of the seven-hour ordeal.

Tracy recalls waking up with someone pouring alcohol down her throat and her clothes tossed around.

She said she was assaulted with a flashlight and digitally penetrated, and someone put ice on her groin.

Tracy told investigators that she woke up at another point and found Ainsworth on top of her having sex with her.

The others, she said, were standing around the room, cheering. She told police she heard someone shout, ‘Yea dog!’

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