VICTORY: Sergeant EXONERATED for Defending Afghan Child from Sexual Abuse

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.28.21 AMThe fact this man was punished for his actions was idiotic to begin with, but it’s a good thing the justice system came out with the right decision.

The decision by the Army to retain this hero is long overdue and represents a significant victory for SFC Martland.  Justice has been served. The U.S. military has a moral obligation to stop child sexual abuse and exonerate SFC Martland for defending a child from rape.

It’s a massive victory more than six months in the making. Sergeant First Class Charles Martland—a decorated war hero who faced expulsion from the Army for defending a child—has been exonerated and will be allowed to remain in the U.S. military.

We have been aggressively advocating for SFC Martland for more than six months, and now we’ve helped achieve a significant victory for this Green Beret war hero.

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SFC Martland faced expulsion from the Army for defending a child from sexual abuse and confronting an admitted sexual predator in Afghanistan. The ACLJ argued that his actions—stopping the perpetrator who was violating Afghan law and forcibly removing him from a U.S. military base—were heroic.

Today, the military reversed course.  As Fox News reports:

An Army spokesman said Thursday that Martland’s status has been changed, allowing him to stay in the Army in a statement to Fox News.

“In SFC Martland’s case, the Army Board for Correction of Military Records determination modified a portion of one of SFC Martland’s evaluation reports and removed him from the QMP list, which will allow him to remain in the Army,” said Lt. Col. Jerry Pionk.


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