VIDEO: American Family Living in FEAR on the Border–Overflow of Illegals


Living next to the Rio Grande in Texas has been more dangerous than ever before. With the flood of illegals coming through, many families’ safety is at risk. The Ochoa family is one of them. Check out their story.

A family living along the border is growing fearful for their safety as the rise in people crossing the border illegally continues.

The Ochoa family lives in a neighborhood a few blocks from the Rio Grande. They want their home to be safe. They see people crossing their land every day and are fed up.

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Juan Ochoa said it’s no longer one or two immigrants coming through his backyard.

“They caught another four, five of them behind there and I was here at that time,” he recalled.

Ochoa said his dogs are the first to notice the illegal crossings. “Day and night, you can hear the dogs barking,” he said.

His family usually leaves the back door unlocked when they’re home. However, that changed last Friday when they heard a noise coming from the back of the home.

“One of them came in through the back door,” Ochoa said.

A person who crossed the border illegally entered their home asking to hide from Border Patrol.

“They can come and do harm to us. So we’re pretty, pretty afraid of these people crossing constantly,” he said.


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