VIDEO ARCHIVES: When MTV Used to Report on Shooting There was a Young Attractive Female Private Helping them Out

Last night I popped in one of the tapes and was rewarded with a video from the late 90′s. I watched a very young, fresh-faced (and EXTREMELY nervous) Private First Class Julie Goloski in her first major television experience on MTV of all places. I have a few photos that I have shared here and there, but I haven’t seen this clip in years. I got a good giggle out of it and thought, for this Throwback Thursday, you might too.

Why did MTV come to the Army Marksmanship Unit? The Army sponsored a prime time slot on the popular music video network and so VJ Simon Rex and crew came out to Fort Benning, Georgia to film soldiers in action. At the very beginning of the clip you’ll see a flash of two clay birds bursting into orange dust. She didn’t get much air time, but the shooter is an Army Female Athlete of the Year and Olympian, the talented Theresa Dewitt.

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