VIDEO: Deported Migrant Yells Terroristic Threats for TWO HOURS on Flight to Venice–Kicking and Screaming

A migrant being deported to Venice, of all places, started yelling all the things you don’t want to hear on an airplane. The flight crew and captain never explained what happened or why they allowed this man to continue his behavior.

Holidaymakers were forced to endure a terrifying two-hour flight alongside a migrant who repeatedly screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘death is coming’ – as it emerged the Home Office is using budget airlines to deport illegal immigrants.

Children were reduced to tears and travellers feared a terror attack until it became clear that the handcuffed man was being guarded by Home Office officials.

But there was no official explanation from the captain or crew as he kicked, thrashed about and threatened passengers and crew in an expletive-strewn tirade.

In an extraordinary 11-minute audio recording made by a passenger sitting just yards away and obtained by The Mail on Sunday, the man screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ 29 times, ‘death is coming’ 17 times, and ‘we will die’ nine times.

The unidentified migrant, who was being deported to Venice, kept up the ‘crude and threatening’ behaviour for nearly the entire length of the budget flight, according to those on board.

The presence of the disturbed man on easyJet flight EZY5263 from Gatwick to Venice on August 23 turned what should have been a routine trip into a nightmare.

Ironically, rather than calming worried passengers, easyJet cabin crew ordered passengers to delete videos and pictures of the man they had taken on mobile phones.

In a bid to control the deportee, one Home Office official crouched on his knees facing the man, with an arm on his shoulders, for much of the flight.

The man is thought to be a failed asylum seeker who had spent a year in a UK detention centre. He was being deported to Italy under the Dublin Regulation, which dictates that people must claim asylum in the first safe country they reach.

It is the first time a deportee has been reported to have disrupted a budget commercial flight to Europe. The Home Office spends about £30 million a year on returning illegal immigrants and foreign criminals to their home countries. It charters private jets and pays for individual seats on commercial flights.

Last night, a couple who were travelling on the flight on the way to their honeymoon destination revealed how they feared for their lives. Lucy and Terence O’Sullivan, from Detling, Kent, were sitting only five rows in front of the man, who was positioned at the back of the plane, with officials either side of him.


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