VIDEO: Gaddafi Supporters with Grenades Hijack Plane, Release Captives and Then Begs For Asylum in…

No need to guess government officials. These two are certainly not qualified for asylum. Did these terrorist thugs think this plan would actually work?

Gaddafi supporters who hijacked a Libyan plane armed with hand grenades have surrendered, after all passengers and crew were safely released.

The two men had allowed all but the plane’s pilots and other male cabin crew members to leave the aircraft, leading to fears they could be readying to take off.

However shortly after demanding political asylum in Malta, the hijackers left the plane along with the remaining crew.

They were then arrested, searched and taken into custody by Maltese armed forces.

A group of 25 women and children were initally allowed to leave after the two men took control of the aircraft as it flew over Libya, redirecting it to Malta.

A second group, numbering 40, was released shortly afterwards, before all of the remaining passengers of the Libyan Afriqiyah Airways flight were allowed to leave.

Earlier it had been reported that they were calling for the release of Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al Islam, who it was thought had already been freed in July.

Saif is the most prominent of Gaddafi’s eight children and was sentenced to death by a Libyan court in July 2015 as part of a mass trial of former regime officials.

He was said to have been released from house arrest in July after the sentence was quashed by Libya’s new UN-backed government.

Al Arabiya claimed that a member of the Libyan House of Representatives had been present on the aircraft, as had been Libyan, Indian and Pakistani nationals.


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