VIDEO: Gang of Six Thug Teens Punch Woman in the Face for ‘Shaking Her Head’ at Them, Police on the Hunt

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-11-45-54-amA gang of young girls beat up a woman and stole her cell phone because she shook her head at them. Now the whole country is shaking heads at these girls. This probably wasn’t what they were going for. Hopefully they are caught soon and can learn right and wrong before becoming adults.

A gang of young girls who allegedly beat up a woman on a train and then made off with her cellphone has been captured on camera making their getaway.

The six teenagers were spotted getting off an L Train in Brooklyn, New York, about 3:30pm on December 23.

Just moments earlier, they had set upon a 28-year-old woman who shook her head at the group for berating another elderly passenger, according to police. 


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