VIDEO: Hero Uber Driver Saves 16yr-old Girl From Female Pimps Selling Her For Sex

If something doesn’t seem right, speak up! That’s the lesson we can take away from this incident. In an age where violence seems to happen all too often, it’s always these stories that remind us that there is good in the world.

An astute Uber driver helped lead police to arrest two female sex-traffickers and help rescue the 16-year-old runaway they were pimping out.

The incident happened Monday night, when driver Keith Avila picked up the unidentified teen and two women for a journey to a hotel in Elk Grove, California.

During the ride, Avila overheard the women – identified as 25-year-old Destiny Pettway and 31-year-old Maria Westly – giving the teen sex tips and became suspicious, so he called 911 after dropping them off.

While the tip helped lead police to the pimps, they weren’t fast enough to stop the teen from sleeping with the 20-year-old John who had organized to meet up with her.

Nevertheless, they arrived in time to arrest the man, identified as Disney Vang, and charged him with having sex with a minor. Pettway and Westly were charged with pimping and pandering.

Avila, who has only been driving for Uber for a month, described the bizarre car ride in several interviews with local news stations.


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