VIDEO: Megyn Kelly FLIPS When Trump Tells Her to ‘Get Over It’ in Sit Down Interview

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.08.50 AMMegyn Kelly and Donald Trump did a sit down interview. The whole thing has yet to air, but there are portions that have been leaked. One such clip reveals when Kelly asks Trump about ‘bullying’, his response makes her… well, just watch.

Donald Trump has told Megyn Kelly to ‘get over’ his repeated attacks on her, claiming that he is a ‘counter puncher’ as opposed to a bully.

Kelly appeared on Good Morning America Monday and shared a new preview from her upcoming special which is set to air on Fox Broadcasting Tuesday night.

In the clip, the Fox News host asks Donald Trump about ‘bullying,’ and then accuses him of bullying her at times during their months-long feud that started this past August.

Trump responds to this by saying: ‘You know, it happens right. You gotta get over it. Fight back. Do whatever you have to do.’

‘Most kids between the ages of six and 16 have been bullied in their lives. Were you ever bullied?’ Kelly asks Trump at the start of the clip.

‘No I wasn’t. but I have seen bullying,’ responds Trump.

‘And bullying doesn’t have to just be as a child. It can happen when they’re 55 years old.’

That is when Kelly interrupts Trump and tells him, with a laugh: ‘It can happen when you’re 45.’

Trump, who does not seemed amused, then launched into his response about getting over it and fighting back.

He then went on to address some of the comments he has made over the past year that could be perceived as bullying by saying: ‘I’ve been saying during this whole campaign, that I’m a counter puncher, you understand that. I’m responding.’

Trump went on to say: ‘Now, I then respond times 10. I don’t know. I respond pretty strongly. But in just about all cases, I’ve been responding to what they did to me.’

Kelly was then asked after the clip had played if viewers should expect to see a new side of Trump when her interview with him airs on Tuesday.

‘I think so. I think you will see him as you haven’t seen him before,’ said Kelly.

‘I tell you, it was fascinating doing the interview because that was the first time we ever discussed what happened between us. I didn’t discuss that in his office. So this is the first time it happens, on camera, and there are some tense moments.’

Kelly added that viewers will also get ‘some honest moments and some contentious moments’ before saying: ‘I will say overall the tone was cordial but there will be a few moments where people will feel uncomfortable.’


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