Video: Muslim Man Attacks Woman In Broad Daylight Because She Was Wearing…

Authorities in Istanbul detained a man because he attacked a female university student.

What did she do to provoke the guy?

She was “wearing shorts” during the ongoing Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

That’s what the man claimed “provoked” him.

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The incident happened on public transport and was caught on video.

The video shows the woman fighting back, that’s when the man grabbed her and pushed her down.

The Indian Express reports:

Targeting woman for their attire and way of living in the name of religion is nothing new. But instilling fear and shaming people is a different thing and physically attacking a lady for her clothes make it a much serious concern.”

Recently, a female student in Turkey was assaulted by a man, her supposed crime — she was wearing shorts during [Ramadan]!

The victim has been identified as Asena Melisa Saglam.

This took place in Istanbul (where it is hot right now and shorts are completely justified).

Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports:

Saglam said that throughout the journey the man had been verbally harassing her by saying she should not be wearing shorts during Ramadan.

The man was detained but following questioning — in which he reportedly said he had been “provoked” — he was set free, causing a new outcry.

ISIS has recently urged jihadists to carry out more violent attacks during Ramadan. This woman wasn’t killed but it did cause her harm all the same.

Will we be seeing more of these kind of attacks, or somethings even worse?


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