VIDEO: Muslim Militants OBLITERATE Evangelical Church

The Religion of Peace didn’t like the church, so they decided to wipe it off the face of the Earth. This hasn’t dampened the Christians in Jerusalem, though. They held a prayer service outside destroyed church. Please pray for these Christians who are persecuted for their faith.

Just after the Thanksgiving holiday, disaster struck an evangelical church in the heart of Jerusalem. It appears Muslim radicals destroyed the facility where Living Bread International Church has met for the last 10 years.

Most of the property and personal belongings of the church’s pastor, Karen Dunham, were burned in a dumpster. Michael Hilsden, a former volunteer at Living Bread, recorded footage of the damage.

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“This is it. This is all of Karen’s stuff. Everything,” Hilsden says in the video. “This is what is happening to Living Bread Church. Right here. Everything. They burned everything.”

Dunham pastored the Living Bread Church for 10 years. But on Saturday, Nov. 24, Muslim neighbors came into the building and ransacked it.

“They destroyed everything inside,” Pastor Dunham said. “That dumpster right there is full of stones. They tore out the floor. They pulled out the wiring. They punched holes in the walls.”

“It was an act really, I thought, of terror,” she added. “You know the sad thing is I’ve been there 10 years or longer. I mean you’ve got diaries, write down what God says to you, Bibles. They burnt all the personal stuff.”


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