VIDEO: Palestinian Gunmen Open FIRE on Restaurant in Tel Aviv– 4 DEAD

Tragic shooting. Luckily the police and security officials were close by to take down these terrorist thugs.

The police said security officers had wounded one of the assailants near the scene, and he was taken to a hospital. The second gunman was arrested, the police said, but his condition was not immediately clear.

The assailants were identified by the police as Palestinian cousins in their 20s from the town of Yatta, which is south of Hebron in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The shootings in Tel Aviv were among the deadliest attacks in the seaside city since a wave of Palestinian assaults began in October in Jerusalem and the West Bank and spread to cities around Israel.

More than two dozen Israelis and two American visitors have been killed in those assaults. Most were killed in stabbings, though there have also been several shootings.

The shootings on Wednesday took place in and around the Sarona complex, an open-air entertainment and shopping district in central Tel Aviv close to Israel’s military headquarters.

Television images showed people fleeing the area. Witnesses said the police were searching for explosives.


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