VIDEO: Rape Survivor Puts Gun-Control Politicians in Their Place ‘You Weren’t There’

Amanda Collins is a rape survivor who is a gun owner and permit carrier.  However on the night she was raped, Amanda was at the University of Nevada being a “law abiding citizen” and not carrying her firearm on campus or in her car.

Senator Hudak, in a hearing, had the audacity to say to Amanda, “Statistics show that… because he was so large he would be able to overcome you, had you had a gun, and use it against you.”

Watch this video to hear Amanda’s reply:

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Ms. Collins is an extremely brave woman to give her testimony on a national stage and I thank her for doing so.  Women need to hear more of these testimonies and be encouraged to arm and prepare themselves for such situations.

To Senator Hudak and all gun-control politicians, you disgust me because you are so willing to put many innocent lives in jeopardy for your political agenda.  So please, stop putting on this show that you actually care about the human population.

For you readers, here is the results of ONE gun-control law that had passed in previous years:

Below is a graph of the homicide rate… “during the years in which the D.C. handgun ban and trigger lock law was in effect, the Washington, D.C. murder rate averaged 73% higher than it was at the outset of the law…”


Imagine all the crime that will occur once these new gun-control laws pass.


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