VIDEO: Trump Supporters HUNTED like Prey by Mexican-Flag Waving ‘Protesters’

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.26.58 AMImagine if this was the Republicans doing stuff like this. They would be crucified in the media. You barely hear a word from the MSM on the violence. This has to stop.

A few hundred protesters fought with supporters of Donald Trump after the presidential candidate’s rally in San Jose Thursday night.

Over a dozen fights broke out in the crowd.

Punches were thrown, violence erupted. Even police had to retreat.

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The San Jose Police Department made a number of arrests after the Trump Rally and said an officer was assaulted.

Protesters followed Trump supporters to their cars as they left the convention center. Around the corner and away from police protection on San Carlos Street, a mob mentality took over.

A young man wearing a “Build The Wall” T-shirt was assaulted by several young men. Fearing for the man’s safety, KPIX 5 reporter Len Ramirez yelled at him to get away.

For several minutes, there was no police presence and protesters thumped Trump supporters’ cars in the parking garage as they tried to leave.

Outside again, there was another assault, and another. Street fights broke out on Almaden Avenue.


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