VIDEO: Two White Men in Charlotte Caught in Riots–One Had a GUN, The Other Didn’t [WATCH WHAT HAPPENS]

#BlackLivesMatter rioters/terrorists once again took over the streets of Charlotte, NC, causing violence and destruction all in the name of ‘equality’.

The night before, a female truck driver was brutally attacked and 12 officers were injured.

Last night, one man was shot. He is in critical condition.

Amidst all the violence and chaos there are two stories, however, that have a glaring difference.

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One is of a white man being brutally beaten by a mob of black men in a garage. He begged and pleaded for mercy, but they didn’t stop. He was unarmed and out numbered.

In the video, it’s clear to see this man’s odds were not in his favor. What the fate of this white man was, I do not know.

Another white man was spotted in the midst of the riots.

The difference between him and the guy pleading for mercy?

He was armed and showed it.

Brandishing his weapon in the midst of the ‘protest’ one observer wrote, ‘he was allowed to drive away alive.’


… and he was allowed to because of that gun in his hand.

‘White dude drives into crowd of peaceful protesters, draws gun, allowed to drive away alive. With my own eyes. #CharlotteProtest,’ she wrote alongside the shocking clip.

The man was surrounded by protesters who were marching against the deadly shooting of black man Keith Lamont Scott by a cop on Tuesday afternoon.

‘No justice, no peace,’ the group are heard chanting before they spot the man’s weapon.

People begin swearing and shouting ‘he’s got a gun’ as the car sounds its horn.

The video was widely shared online before it was removed from Ms Head’s Twitter page.

‘I’m hearing that the video is inaccessible. I don’t know why. Honestly… I rarely use Twitter so I’m a little confused right now anyway,’ she said.

‘I’m so confused by the people saying he wasn’t [white]. I mean, I didn’t take a DNA sample or anything but I saw a lot more of him than a close-up of his arm, and he looked pretty white bread to me. His pals in the car too,’ Ms Head added when people questioned the man’s race.

While the man’s actions weren’t technically legal–in NC you may open carry, but to do so during riots is not allowed–they saved his life. It’s clear those rioters were out for blood.


Better to be armed than helpless.

But an even better situation–that both white men should have considered–don’t attend the riots.

Don’t put yourself in that situation, if you’re white.

Black Lives Matter want a race war, not equality.

Until they start being peaceful, stay away.


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