VIDEO: When NJ Gun Grabbers Don’t Get Their Way

The following is an e-mail received from Amy Brittin of

On Thursday, the NJ Assembly was voting on several horrible gun bills, specifically S2723.  This heinous bill would change our lifetime Firearms ID Cards to a 5 year renewable magnetic strip that is placed on our Driver’s Licenses.  This strip will only be readable by NJ FFL’s so no out of State purchases, no private purchases, and no more ammo except for in person at an FFL because they’ll need to read your magnetic strip.

No more internet sales of ammo or guns, only in person sales are allowed, and everything will be in a registry, even ammo!  Also, it requires State approved training for all FID cards, so minorities, single women, poor people will not be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.  They are attaching a financial expenditure, and a rather high one at that, to you’re being able to exercise your rights.

This magnetic strip  as well as your Firearms private information, will be administered by the NJ Motor Vehicle Department, the same people that were recently arrested for selling Driver’s Licenses to illegal immigrants.  There were department wide arrests made in this operation whereby MVC employees created “legal” licenses using information from law abiding NJ drivers.

 At the Assembly, the gun grabbers thought they had the Yea votes lined up for this bill.  After this vote, the bills that passed would be placed on Christie’s desk to be signed or vetoed within 45 days. If he doesn’t veto them, after 45 days they become law.  Watch the below video to see what happens when they think they have the votes, but don’t.  This is an open mic recording of the assembly.

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The following is a visual video that captured the whole incident as well.

Be sure to support this group in their fight for 2nd amendment rights in the state of New Jersey.


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