VIDEO: Woman Found with Brain Bruising, Fractured Jaw and Missing Teeth Can’t Remember What Happened–Authorities Believe…

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-9-16-38-amIf you know anything, please help this woman find out what happened to her. She just summed it up to a bad crash but her injuries are extensive. Could this have been an attack?

A 25-year-old cyclist is trying to piece together what happened to her after she was found on the side of a bike trail last week.  

Skjelse Rapoch was riding her bike on a trail in Portland, Oregon, last week. The next thing she remembers is being covered in blood with her face smashed.

Skjelse was on her way to meet her husband Jeff for an evening bike race, when she was found by a friend.

‘I got a phone call from my friend Eddie saying, “Hey, I found your wife. You need to get here right now,” Jeff told KOIN.

‘Skjelse was in the middle of the path and her bike was on one side… she was sort of sitting up and looking around really kind of bewildered.’

Dazed, Skjelse was taken to the hospital with bones broken in her face, a fractured jaw, a broken hand, seven missing teeth, brain bruising and a concussion.

She couldn’t remember anything from her ride but assumed she went over the handle bars.

That’s when the doctors told her and Jeff, her injuries were not consistent with that type of accident.

The doctors told the couple if Skjelse went over the handle bars, she would have broken her neck or her shoulders.


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