The View Wants Caitlyn Jenner To Be The First WOMAN President — Get Ready To BARF! [WATCH]

Since Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner cut off…well, everything, we guess s/he’s considered a woman now. To some.

The women on The View certainly think she is.

In fact, they love her.

They love her so much, they want her to run for president.

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No, we sadly aren’t joking…

JEDEDIAH BILA: What about — you are so good at this. This politics stuff, honestly. I’m a center-right girl and I want to vote for you. I mean, would you run for office? I’m serious!

JENNER: Every time I get off the stage, they all go, ‘Oh, my God. You should run for office,’ and I’m thinking in my head, I’m, like, ‘I got way too many secrets!’

JOY BEHAR: And is the country ready for a woman president? That would be the question.

CAITLYN JENNER: There you go.


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