VIRAL VIDEO: Shows Anti-Trump Protesters Getting Violent, Waving Mexican Flag and Some are Topless

Leave it to the anti-Trump protesters to make things a little less classy and a lot more violent. Prepared to be shocked.

Trump rallies haven’t always been so successful in keeping protesters out of the venues themselves — which Thursday night was the Pacific Amphitheater at the Orange County fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California.

The amphitheater accommodates about 31,000 people, and it was stuffed to the gills.  Hundreds of people were unable to get in.  And on Thursday evening, that included almost all of the protesters.

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So the anti-Trump crowd did what they’ve done in a number of other places: they protested outside the venue, with an increasing level of noise and vituperation.  They waited around until after the rally, which ran for over two hours, in apparent hopes of mixing it up with departing Trump supporters.  (Late-breaking video seems to show that they did manage to whack one Trump guy around pretty badly.  See below.)

Local news footage and reporting shows the protesters being (literally) herded down the street away from the amphitheater after the rally, by a horse-mounted patrol from the sheriff’s department.

Law enforcement did a good job of keeping separation between the anti-Trump and pro-Trump crowds, in large part because the pro-Trump crowds had no interest in starting fights with anyone, and for the most part simply left the rally when it was over, heading for their cars in the parking lot.

But the antics of the anti-Trump protesters — and of at least one apparent pro-Trump stunt driver — produced some viral video clips.  In one, the anti-Trump forces rock a police cruiser back and forth, trying to turn it over.  This might be more dramatic if Angelenos didn’t turn out like clockwork to do exactly the same thing whenever the Lakers make it to the final four.


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