A Visibly Distressed President Obama Asks Teenage Daughters for Help Fixing HealthCare.Gov

BARACK-DAUGHTERSWashington D.C.– After spending over five hundred million dollars on the failed and broken HealthCare.Gov, a visibly distressed President Obama was seen asking his teenage daughters Sasha and Melia for help fixing the website.

Both of the President’s daughters are reported as having passed one semester’s worth of web design at the prestigious Sidwell Friends school in Washington D.C., making them the second most qualified people to work on the website thus far.

While many are skeptical as to whether the President’s barely pubescent daughters are up to the task of managing a website which will store American’s personal medical information, sources confirm they are not as unqualified as they may seem.

Melia Obama has reportedly successfully jail-broken her iPod Touch, allowing her to change both the font and icons on her iPhone 5. In addition to this, Sascha Obama was able to fix her fathers computer by turning it off and back on.

While neither girl was able to do anything to fix the website, they were each paid 750,000 dollars in consulting fees.

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