WAGING WAR: State Legislatures are Up for Grabs in 2014

300wallpaper1_1080Last week in Washington D.C., I had the chance to hear from Michael Bowman, senior director of policy and strategic initiatives at the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC advises state legislators on decreasing the size of government and using the power of state government to defend against Federal incursions on citizens’ rights.

Bowman spoke at length about the power of state government and President Obama’s fear of that power. Missouri, Texas, Montana, Florida and 16 others have rejected Medicaid expansions that were meant to support the majority of individuals signed up for the poorly contrived and over complicated healthcare program.

States are a constant thorn in Obama’s side. They have limited the invasiveness of the data the ACA requests from patients, rejected Medicaid, rebuked the incompetence of the website launch and some are attempting to get rid of the program all together.

Bowman proudly proclaimed the list of liberal organizations that were targeting ALEC because of their work to aid conservative candidates in state elections, “Moveon.org, yup! They hate us! They all hate us because they are afraid of the power of the states.”

This is a big election year for the power of state government. All members of the house of representatives are up for election. There will be 38 gubernatorial elections and 46 state legislature elections as well.

If conservatives were feeling disenchanted with politics after a long list of setbacks, this is the year to make sure Obama’s last two years in office are a living hell…for liberals.

I also had the opportunity to meet Deb Rey who served in the Air Force for 22 years and is now running for the Maryland state legislature. Rey was at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center to hear professor of history, Terrence Moore, discuss the dangers of the Common Core. Rey had plenty to say about the trap of federal money in the education system.

“If the states adopt the Common Core, they receive federal money. Because the local government must do what the federal government says in order to get the money, the local government has no power,” she said.

Rey’s concern is exactly the reason why waging war against the Obama administration will be about filling state and local governments with principled individuals who believe in limited government and the power of the private sector to create wealth for the masses.

Obamacare is already creating favorable conditions for conservative campaigns this year, but recent issues like the Common Core and increased gun control regulations have citizens who believe in limited government anxious to get on ballots across the country.

When asked about the 2nd Amendment battles going on in states such as California, New Jersey and her own state of Maryland, Rey said, “Today guns are feared which is why you had this kid in Maryland being suspended for a gun-shaped Poptart. I want to go back to where we can have gun racks in trucks. I want to bring concealed and even open carry to Maryland. Guns are tools. They shouldn’t be something that people are afraid of. The more legislation against guns, the more people buy them anyway.”

This year’s elections will center on government overreach. Liberal power grabs have given conservatives plenty of leverage with ordinary Americans and while the senate and house races are essential to dialing back Obamacare, state government elections may just serve to decrease the reach of the federal government across many important areas of life.

As for Rey, her battle is just beginning. She advises concerned conservatives to “get out and go door to door.” When waging war, turn the mistakes of your enemies into victories. Liberals made a lot of mistakes in 2013 and their camp is more divided than at any point since Obama came into office. Let’s turn their crisis into an opportunity.


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