WAKE UP PEOPLE: While You Freak Over Flynn, Here is What We Really Need to be CONCERNED Over…

We are at the most vulnerable time in history for the United States. The transition of powers. When the opposing parties do not cooperate, they subject the nation to a world of violence. If the Democrats do not start working with the Republicans, Allen West has several predictions on what is to come. You’ve got to read this.

By Allen West

Not since President George Washington’s initial formation of a cabinet in 1789 has an American president’s cabinet picks been approved as slowly as the Senate is approving President Donald Trump’s nominees. 

Trump has now been president for a full three weeks, and the number of approved members in his cabinet stands at seven—a number that was boosted by three contested confirmations last week that were opposed by almost the entire Democratic caucus.

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Senate Democrats, vowing to use “everything” they can to stop Trump’s nominees, have used procedural tricks like boycotting committee meetings to slow the confirmation process to a historically slow pace. Recent administrations have had many more nominees approved at the three-week mark. Barack Obama had 12 out of 15 nominees approved, George W. Bush had his entire cabinet approved, and Bill Clinton had all but one approved in less than a day. 


One difference between Trump and Bush, however, is that Bush was facing a Democratic-controlled Senate that actually had the power to stop his nominations. Senate Democrats, however, continue to delay the inevitable.

Ben Carson (Department of Housing and Urban Development), Rick Perry (Department of Energy), Ryan Zinke (Department of the Interior), David Shulkin (Department of Veterans Affairs), Steve Mnuchin (Department of Treasury), and Wilbur Ross (Department of Commerce) have all been approved by the necessary committees and are awaiting votes in the full Senate.

Only Mnuchin and Shulkin were sworn in yesterday.

The continuing obstruction of even uncontroversial cabinet choices is being driven by demands from the liberal base of the Democratic Party, which is demanding that Democratic lawmakers not cooperate with Trump on anything.”

Now, there you have the truth, and I submit, ladies and gents, this is no longer about “obstructionism” but is about a deliberate undermining of the peaceful transition of power in the United States. This is about the liberal progressive socialist left seeking to undermine our Constitutional Republic.

Why? It’s simple, they lost. They’ll never accept the directive given to conservatives and the GOP to get over it and that elections have consequences. If they can’t have their way, they’ll destroy it. And that means the physical destruction of property, along with the destruction of this nation…because they do not get to “fundamentally transform” our America.

All these town hall meeting protests are truly “astroturf” operations funded by left wing organizations to bus in the ill-informed into congressional districts in which they do not reside. Many of these protesters are just paid henchmen, and these anarchists are pretty well uniformed — as a matter of fact, covering the face is something Islamic terrorists and jihadists do.

This is a dangerous game, placing the United States in a dangerous position — hence why nations like North Korea and Iran are taking belligerent stances. Consider that out of the Department of Defense there are 60 cabinet confirmed positions…so far only one has been filled: the Secretary of Defense. This isn’t just about the primary cabinet position but all those down positions of vital deputy and undersecretary positions the left is delaying.

And on top of that we have an activist liberal court that now believes they can rule on American foreign policy and national security — I don’t recall the left saying ANYTHING when Obama changed the Cuban immigration policy in his last week in office. No outcries about relegating freedom-loving Cubans seeking to escape a brutal communist regime. I guess not, because that’s exactly what the progressive socialist left dreams of having here in the and of the free.

I find the actions of Senator Chuck Schumer and the left appalling, deplorable, despicable, and disgusting. Y’all lost the election; stop your freaking crying and whining because if you place this country in a bad position because we don’t have a complete transition of governance, you own whatever happens.


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