Wake Up And Smell The Genocide


The following is a letter written by a GirlsJustWannaHaveGuns.com follower. Enjoy.

Dear Humanitarians,

A real genocide is now taking place in Libya, Syria, North Africa, and the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing their homes into the deserts and mountains, women and children raped in front of their family, others forced into sex slavery, Muslims and non-Muslims executed in the most horrific ways imaginable by the supposed religion of peace, justice, and stability.

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More children have been killed and are facing starvation and extermination than in Gaza. So where are the protests by moderate Muslims or the Left, which I thought despises theocratic religion or killing of innocents? Where is Massive Attack and all you Lefties sooooo concerned about all forms of human life??? Where is the media blanketing the airwaves with pictures of murdered Christian babies? Where are the meaningless hash tags for peace and protection for the Yazidi children? Why aren’t your liberal heart strings being pulled with the same ferocity as your desire to “Free Palestine?’
Either you must start blaming Barak and Hillary for the war we supported in Libya in order for the CIA to funnel weapons into destabilize Syria, which has helped foster the complete chaos and genocide that mirrors Iraq’s sectarian disintegration. Or you need to stop blaming Bush, Blair, and Bibi and turn your focus on your own Anti-Semitic partisanship and doublespeak that you claim not to possess, while seeking to guise it only as humanitarian concern for the Palestinians. Consider the savagery of the backward and anti-liberal ideology of Boko Haram, ISIS or Hamas that does not seek any form of coexistence or peace with the Kafirs (non-Muslims).

The people of Gaza have democratically chosen as their representative form of Government a political party whose only purpose of existence, declared in their own charter, is to wage a formally declared genocidal military war against Israel. They are not terrorists, they are the Army of the people Gaza and, as they see it, the entire Muslim world. Their goal is one thing – all non-Muslims out of Muslim lands. This is to be attained either by forced conversions, expulsions, or executions. Perhaps they will bring back castration and eunuchs like the Arabs did when they cut off the entire penis and scrotum of their black slaves they kidnapped from North Africa (did you ever wonder why the majority black Africans disappeared almost entirely from North Africa).

There is no middle ground. No desire for reconciliation or wish for a two-state solution. Just total genocide to be replaced by an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law.

If Israel did not have the American supported military it does, the same events of beheadings, murders, rapes, and sex slavery would be currently sweeping across the entire state of Israel, executing every liberally minded person: genocide of all the Jews, genocide of the black North African refugees who have already fled Arab racism and subjugation, genocide of all homosexuals, genocide of any non-Muslim, genocide of those practicing sexual freedom, genocide of cannabis and ecstasy users, genocide of academia, not forgetting the elimination of all non-Islamic art, music, media, history and culture. While these events have been prevented in Israel (much to the disappointment of those of you wanting to “free Palestine”) they happen as I write these words across the Arab dominated world, which is seeking total Sharia supremacy.

Yet, you all still call capitalism and America the Great Satan? You all think Israel and the Jews are the Nazis committing genocide? Your anti-war rhetoric blinds you to the fact that extreme measures must be taken against those seeking total genocide. Sometimes this means genocide of the genociders or a military strength so brutal it forces the enemy into submission.

Of course this is the literal definition of Islam – submission to Allah’s army (or die). And if you think Islamic extremism, Hamas, and ISIS are morally equivalent to the actions Israel has been cornered into taking to prevent their own destruction after centuries of attempted mass Jewish extermination by European and now Arab forces, than your intellectual bankruptcy has no bounds in this universe. You all can read as much Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Edward Said to justify your own hypocrisy and defacto support for Arab Islamic totalitarian genocide. You will never get the moral or intellectual high ground in this debate no matter how many International Socialist academics may echo their thoughts.

Whether it was the Soviets or now the Islamists, you all will forever remain useful idiots to those seeking real genocide across the Earth.

It is time to wake up.
“Horrific though events in Gaza have been, they were actually a sideshow to the appalling slaughter now raging across much of the Middle East as well as Libya in North Africa.
What is so extraordinary is that the voices protesting so vehemently against Israel’s actions remain resolutely silent over this bloodshed which is on a far greater scale than ever took place in Gaza.”




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