WARRIOR HUNTRESSES: From Past and Present DESERVE Respect

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Female hunters are not as scarce as many would believe. Those from the past and the present, have earned the respect of many. Check out Boddington’s take on the issue.

By Craig Boddington

Some millennia back the human race emerged as omnivorous hunter-gatherers. We will never know what strapping young fellow developed the concept and managed to sell it, but somehow males took on the more exciting role as primary hunters, while the ladies did more of the gathering.

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Even so, there have always been avid and successful female hunters. Although precise origin is unclear, Diana, goddess of the hunt, appears to have been invoked from the very dawn of Roman civilization. She has always been depicted as a woman (and a good-looking one at that).

Humans were hunters before they were anything else, so in prehistory it’s fair to say that the vast majority of us were hunters. In today’s world, active hunters are a subset of modern society.

Either way, females have always been a minority of the hunting population. I doubt this will change, but their minority isn’t as minor as it once was.

Women Hunters Increase
All surveys indicate that women are the fastest-growing segment in almost all shooting sports. But you don’t need to study surveys to comprehend this fact. It’s easy to see on shooting ranges, in hunting camps, in gun stores, in hunter safety courses, in shooting schools, and in the rich array of hunting gear designed for the distaff side.

Women are an increasingly important part of our shooting and hunting world…and they play a critical role in our ability to maintain that world.

Be Proud
For you ladies who hunt, and for you fathers, brothers, boyfriends and mentors of ladies who hunt, a bit of advice from a veteran father, husband, and mentor of ladies who hunt: First off, women who hunt should be proud of who they are and what they do. But it must be understood that hunting isn’t favored in all quarters, and there is still a double standard to overcome.

There will be criticism…probably more than male hunters might endure. Hunters of all ages and both sexes need to be armed with facts about hunting’s critical role in wildlife conservation. All hunters, and perhaps especially female hunters, need to have a thick skin and be ready to deal with detractors—preferably with truth, not emotion.

But a word of caution is in order. Today the Internet and social media enable an instantaneous and overwhelming viral response.

I would never suggest not posting photos of game you’re proud to have taken. But always think before you post, and understand those words and pictures are viewed not just by hunters, but by neutral non-hunters and foaming-at-the-mouth anti-hunters. Make sure the photos are tasteful and clean, showing respect for the animal.

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