#WarriorChick: Man Gropes Woman and Says She “Likes it” Because She is “American” — Her Response Left Him Bruised and Beaten

Leanna Carr, 26, was traveling in Doublin, Ireland, alone when a local decided to physically assault her in the street. The man then taunted Carr after the incident saying she “liked it” because she’s “American.” Well, that is where he was wrong.

The Colorado woman, who is a powerlifter and strength coach, felt threatened by his advances and words so she defended herself and landed a solid punch, right in the kisser.

Waiting on a bus to Galway, Carr felt a man grab her bottom “aggressively and intentionally.” The Irish prick then laughed “hysterically” after she turned around to see who it was that attacked her. “You’re an American, you probably liked it,” he whispered to her.

She replied with a punch.

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Speaking to Fox News Carr said, “I wasn’t really thinking. I was angry and in the moment. He wasn’t taking me seriously.”

“If this had happened in the past, I probably would have just let him get away with it,” explained Carr. “But this time, my reaction was to defend myself. So I hit him.”

The incident took place on April 21, and afterwards Carr tweeted a photo of her bruised knuckles stating: “While walking down the street in Dublin earlier this week, a man grabbed my butt. He proceeded to laugh hysterically and said ‘you’re an American, you probably liked it. Apparently traveling solo has made me a better person bc my first reaction was to punch him in the face.”

After Carr punched the man, he instantly became hostile and started cursing her and getting in her face.”For a second, I was worried that it was going to escalate,” she reflected.

Luckily one couple who saw the whole thing toll the man “keep walking,” and he listened. Carr has been receiving a lot of online praise for her actions.

One man on twitter: “Good form too. Power and precision through first two knuckles. Excellent work.”

“Respect all women in the world, they are not toys, that’s guy should shame his act,” said another.

“Disgusted this happened to you. Looks like he got a right fistful! Well deserved I may add,” one chick wrote. Another adding, “I love you.”

“Sister, kick first. Then when he doubles over, hit between the eyes in the upper nose area. Then ask him if he’d treat The BVM that way. If he says no, repeat,” commented another tweeter.

Speaking to Fox News, the 26-year-old explained she felt “embarrassed” the post went viral, because she doesn’t advocate violence as an initial response to an altercation, but she noted her instincts told her she was in danger.

“This type of street harassment is normalized and happens far too often. So many women don’t know how to respond or don’t feel confident enough sticking up for themselves,” she said. “I don’t think that violence is the answer, but I also think it’s important for women to realize that they’re not objects and they don’t deserve to be treated this way.”

“I’m no ‘hero’ for punching the guy, I was simply defending myself. I don’t think that my reaction should be glorified,” Carr added. “This happens to women every single day. I hope my role in this whole situation can be as a voice for those who didn’t have one.”

In our book, Carr is a #WarriorChick.

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