WATCH: Adults at World’s Largest ‘Youth Protest’ Against Guns Try to Explain What ‘Assault Rifles’ Are

Founder of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk took to the streets of Washington, D.C., during the nation’s largest ‘youth protest,’ since the Vietnam war, against guns.

Kirk had one mission in mind, to see if any of these activists really knew what they were protesting for. What he found were those once young Vietnam protesters didn’t really have a clue.

Here is what he tweeted:

Today thousands of adults wanted to show the world how much they knew about guns

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When questioned they knew absolutely nothing

“Assault rifle” is a made up term used to take our guns away

These leftist adults are using these marches to advance a radical agenda

When asked what is an “assault rifle,” one of the protesters immediately asked Kirk “are you stupid,” which ironically showed her arrogance rather than his. The very foundation of the gun-control movement is based on a made up term.

America, are we really going to let our second amendment rights disappear at the behest of a liberal lie?

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