WATCH: Angry Feminist Shoe Ad Says ‘Equal Pay Is Not Enough’ — Shows Women Being VIOLENT Towards Men

Okay, who thought this was a good idea? Cause it was NOT! The Danish company Bianco thinks women should be paid more than men because we spend more on “women things”.

First off, men can buy high end stuff, too, just like women. And there are cheap alternatives out there for women that work just as well.

And what’s this bullshi*t that women have to buy a new outfit for every occasion? What planet do these guys live on?

Guess it’s just another case of crazy, angry feminists…

A premium footwear brand has come under fire for a viral ad – which links their products to feminism and claims: ‘Equal pay is not enough’.

The ad, by Danish company Bianco, points out that ‘it’s more expensive to be a woman than a man’ and also features violence against men which has outraged viewers.

The controversial clip portrays women jumping on cars, smashing glass with a stiletto and a coffee mug being broken across a man’s face.

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Having been first shared on YouTube one week ago, the ad has racked up almost 200,000 views and hundreds of comments – with the reaction to Bianco’s message being overwhelmingly negative.

Viewers were also quick to point out the irony and 'hypocrisy' in the brand's message


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