WATCH: ‘Animal Rights’ Activist & HUNTRESS Go Toe-to-Toe, the OUTCOME is Freaking People Out

Rachel Carrie, huntress, and Jodi Marsh, anti-hunter, have crossed paths on Jodi’s television series. The encounter is tense, to say the least, but the two women have put their life long passions on the table and aren’t backing down. Check out this trailer.

Jodie’s latest TLC documentary, Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting, sees the former glamour model meet female hunter Rachel Carrie – and unsurprisingly, their first meeting was a bit tense.

Speaking to the Daily Star Online, life-long vegetarian Jodie said: “I was gunning for her, I wasn’t nervous at all. My opinion at the beginning was she’s a murderer, I’m going to hate her, she’s scum, what is wrong with her? I literally hated her, so I couldn’t wait to meet her because I was gunning for her.”

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The 37-year-old said: “As time wore on and I got to know her and got to see what she does, I fell in love with her, I think she’s amazing and I respect what she does. Now, I have more respect for people that hunt than people who buy meat in the supermarket.

…”Rachel puts a bullet straight through its heart, it’s killed instantly, it doesn’t suffer, the deer doesn’t know it’s happened. She takes it home, puts it in the freezer and eats it for the next month or so. It’s a much more humane and ethical way of killing animals because it’s had a happy and free range life. And the meat is healthier as well.”


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