WATCH: Another Clinton Rape Protester Gets Beaten Up! [INSANE VIDEO]

It’s so crazy how people pick and choose who they want to believe. When Cosby was accused of rape, people were being ridiculed for saying he DIDN’T do it. But when Clinton is accused? He’s more pure than snow, apparently. Insane.


Accusing Bill Clinton of being a rapist is now coming with a physical price.

Video shows a protester holding a “rape” sign at Hillary Clinton’s Las Vegas rally on Wednesday night was beaten by a mob of Hillary supporters near the media pen.

The video shows several people in union t-shirt sparring with the man, who is trying to get away from them.

He could be seen holding onto the security fence as he was ripped off and thrown to the ground.


Bill Clinton “rape” protesters were pushed and shoved during two Florida rallies on Tuesday.

Clinton was speaking in Fort Myers, Florida Tuesday afternoon when a man wearing a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt began shouting “rapist” as Clinton was talking.

A similar incident took place hours later in Safety Harbor when a man and woman held up handmade signs reading “BILL = RAPIST.”


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