WATCH: Armed Black Panthers Chant These 4 Shocking Words Feet from Police

We can thank the Obama administration for this.

Outside the Texas jail where Sandra Bland apparently hanged herself following her controversial arrest after a traffic stop, heavily-armed members of the New Black Panther Party insulted and taunted law enforcement personnel on Wednesday. Breitbart News reports that some fifteen Black Panther protestors were met by a far larger force of deputies, many mounted and outfitted in full riot-control gear. There was no violence, unless you consider the insult-filled verbal assault on the law enforcement personnel by armed protestors to be “violence.”

On video of the march posted by Breitbart, you can hear the Black Panthers chanting provocatively, using words and phrases directed at deputies outside the Waller County jail that many might believe to be threatening.

“Oink, oink, bang, bang!” the group says loudly. In addition, with many holding “shotguns, hunting rifles, and AR-15 style assault rifles” at the ready, the Black Panthers chant, “The revolution is on… Off the pigs!”

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