WATCH: Beautiful Moment Deaf Baby Hears for First Time DESTROYED by OUTRAGED Leftists!

Advances in medical science have taken us a long way. Recently, more and more videos have surfaced of deaf people hearing for the first time.

They are always emotional, with plenty of joyful tears.

One such video recently popped up on Twitter. With the help of hearing aids, seven-week-old Lachlan is seen hearing his parents’ voice for the first time.

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It’s a beautiful moment, that we can all agree on, right?


Liberals seem to have a problem with this. (That science march a few weeks ago, it was only for the Earth. Humans don’t matter.)

Elia Winters, a “sex toy reviewer” and host of the Come and Play podcast, was one of the first people to chime in, saying the video shows disturbing ableism from the baby’s parents.

No, again, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.


She goes on to suggest that parents who can hear shouldn’t allow their children to be alleviated from deafness and instead teach themselves sign language.

And, sad to say it, she wasn’t the only one with these views.

One would think this is a fringe take, and perhaps it is, but this idea that we not alleviate a child from their deafness (or in the least, don’t promote it) as to not offend is not only being espoused by a swath of Twitter leftists, but has made its way into mainstream publications. For example, a piece from The Atlantic in 2014 argues that, among other things, videos of people hearing for the first time are problematic because they send the wrong message to those in the deaf community who can’t hear via cochlear implants.

“For the many, many deaf people who do not fall into one of these two camps – like my dad, for instance – the ‘fix’ of a cochlear implant is not an option. So what do these videos say to a deaf person who does not want or cannot have the implant? They say, ‘this other person is healed now, but you will always be broken,'” argues Lilit Marcus.

Marcus continues, “There isn’t a pill that can eliminate deafness, and videos that make it look like cochlear implants are a miracle cure-all do a disservice to the many Deaf people who think that their lives are plenty inspiring just the way they are.”

The Daily Wire

Here’s something for the Left to think about. We noticed that the “sex-expert” wears glasses. Should she not wear glasses because there is no cure for a completely blind person? Following their logic, she shouldn’t.

It’s true, some people can’t have cochlear implants. It doesn’t mean they are broken or less of a person.

It’s just like glasses, some people have access to them. Some people find a “cure” with them. Others can’t. So they learn to live with their disability.

When will the Left wake up?


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