Watch: Bernie Sanders Claims FBI Investigation into His Wife ‘Politically Motivate’, Is He Blaming Trump?

Forget that there is suspicion of corruption, the only reason Sanders’ wife is being investigated — according to Bernie — is because Trump.

Or something like that.

During an interview with CNN host Erin Burnett on the current effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, Burnett ventured to ask Sanders what was going on with the FBI investigation into his wife.

That seemed to trigger the Vermont Senator.

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[By the way, he is also under the FBI’s microscope but probably for the sake of saving face Burnett didn’t go there. Great reporting…]

Sanders immediately responded with rage that the allegations against his wife [and him] have to be politically motivated.


Well according to Sanders, the complaint was started by Brady Toensing, a chairman for the Trump campaign in Vermont.

“My wife is about the most honest person I know,” Sanders pooh-poohed while cutting off Burnett. “All I will tell you now, Erin, is that it is a sad state of affairs in America, you not only have politicians being destroyed publicly…when you go after people’s wives that is pathetic.”

According to Toensing, the investigation was started right away under “President Obama, his Attorney General, and his U.S. Attorney, all of whom are Democrats.”

Burnett tried to follow up with Sanders, wanting to know if he was aware that his wife was under an FBI investigation, but he refused to go much deeper than his first response.

“That’s all that I want to say and we’ll let it play out,” he said. “But, it’s fairly pathetic that when people are involved in public life, its not only they get attacked but their wives and their families get attacked.”

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