WATCH: Bernie Sanders Continues ‘Stand Up and Fight Back’ Rhetoric, After Violent Supporter Shot Republican

During a Facebook Live video with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, it was clear the proclaimed socialist was not going to alter his rhetoric after one of his supporters shot at Republicans during a baseball practice game.

He even went so far as to depict Republicans as callous people who are deliberately “harming” thousands and millions of people because they want Obamacare to be repealed and replaced.

“[W]e’ve got to stand up and fight back,” Sanders said in response to a question. “We have got to be involved in the political process in a way that we have never been before, because what is happening now in Washington right now is unprecedented. This is the worst piece of legislation, the House bill, that I can recall in 25, 26 years in United States Congress. So you have got to, Mary, act in an unprecedented way, think big, get involved in every way that you can. … So, Mary, stand up and fight back in every way that you can.”

As the above quote shows, despite his run-of-the-mill revolutionary rhetoric about “fighting” and taking “unprecedented” action, Sanders also made clear that he is talking about the “political process.”

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Sanders went on to predict that “thousands of people will die” because of the Republicans’ “cowardly” actions in their attempts to put down the dying Obamacare.  They can do anything they want no matter “how horrible it is,” said Sanders.

Warren agreed, lamenting that Republicans do “not have to pay any price at all for the harm they have inflicted on millions of people across this country… It’s cynical.”

Are they suggesting conservatives need to ‘pay a price’ then?

Though Sanders is clearly talking about the political process, some people are taking his statements to ‘fight back’ very literal.

However, if we are to say that Sanders needs to change his rhetoric because one supporter was a violently-prone moron and shot Republicans, that would be infringing on his 1st amendment right.

The left, however, collectively continues to preach this message of ‘fighting back’.

The Antifa protests persist across the nation as one movement to overthrow Trump.

Then, there are people who are calling for obvious violent acts (Madonna, when she said let’s blow up the WH or Kathy Griffin with her beheaded Trump head).

So although the politicians may not be stating they want physical violence, their supporters are.

Maybe Sanders is within his 1st amendment right with the above statements, but he should continually condemn the violence that is sweeping this nation against Republicans; IF he is actually against it.


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