WATCH: Bill Maher HAMMERS Berkeley Liberals, RELENTLESS!

Sometimes, there is a little gem that Bill Maher presents us with.

This is one of those times. He wholeheartedly is on the side of the First Amendment when it comes to the “War on Berkeley” (the “war” they started, by the way).

And when Maher refers to it as the equivalent of liberal book burning…applause. Applause all around.

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“Berkeley used to be the cradle of free speech, and now it’s just the cradle for f***ing babies. This goes on all over the country on campuses. I feel like this is the liberals’ version of book burning, and it’s got to stop. Howard Dean tweeted today about this, “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.” Yes, it is! Threats are not protected by the First Amendment.

[The First Amendment] doesn’t mean, ‘Just shut up and agree with me.’”

When someone who is definitely not conservative is calling you out, you know you messed up.

Not sure if Berkeley will listen to him, though, because they cancelled his event at a 2014 commencement over his views on Islam.

This is the Left for you. If you say something they don’t like, they will do everything in their power to ban your words. And to some, that includes physical harm.

Well, guess what? The real world is “triggering”, you won’t agree with everyone, there are somethings that make sense and you can’t argue them, and there will be things that will make you feel like utter cr@p. Pick yourselves up and learn to live with it because that’s what life is.


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