Watch: Car Almost Ploughs Through President Trump’s Motorcade — Secret Service Swarm In

President Trump and his motorcade were driving through Springfield, Missouri, on Wednesday when a white car came busting out of the woods all of a sudden.

The timing was impeccable as it was right when the presidential limousine was passing by. The whole incident seemed as a targeted attack. Luckily, the concrete drain culvert on the side of the highway stopped any real damage from happening.

“Oh my gosh! Look at that car that just came out of the woods,” says one man watching as Trump’s limo passes by.

“That car right there just drove out of the woods!” he says.

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Moments after the vehicle made its appearance, a car from the motorcade U-turned to check on the situation. You can see agents approaching the white vehicle, hands on their holstered guns.

The man who witnessed the even thought it was an attempted attack on the Presidential Motorcade, titling his YouTube video as “Vehicle attempts to ram Presidential Motorcade in Springfield, MO”

“The man who took the video, Clayte Hefner, was outside his work and took the video just trying to catch the motorcade. He saw two women inside the car as it rolled out of the woods. The car hit the ditch and was disabled,” wrote.

However, the reality of the situation is a lot less drastic.

“Springfield police said the woman’s brakes malfunctioned as she was coming out of the Bass Pro call center and warehouse on Kearney St.”

Talk about unfortunate timing for the ladies…

Ramming the presidential limo — aka ‘The Beast’ — isn’t exactly possible. The vehicle weighs 20,000 pounds and has 8 inch thick armor plating, with windows that are 5 inches thick and bulletproof. The massive tires are even kevlar-reinforced and are run-flats. It’s quite literally a beast of machinery.

No pathetic Honda Accord could take it out.

h/t Daily Wire


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