Watch: Charlize Theron is Making ‘Grown Men Cry’ Fighting Like a Girl for New ‘Atomic Blonde’ Movie

Hollywood actress Charlize Theron is kicking all the a** in her latest film Atomic Blonde.

She plays spy Lorraine Broughton, and this chick’s line of work is deadly.

The Oscar-Winner decided this time, she is doing all the stunt. The film’s Twitter account released behind-the-scenes footage of Charlize training.

What is seen is impressive.

David Leitch reveals: ‘She’s in the top one percentile of actors to do their own action. She’s f*cking badass.’

‘I had incredible teachers who were incredibly patient with me. It was really intense,’ Theron added.

‘These stunt guys took so many hits. I had to buy a lot of alcohol to be forgiven but there were no injuries,’ she added.

We love chicks that kicka**… Charlize, you’re awesome.


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