WATCH: Chef Carves Up Deer Leg In Front Of Vegan Protesters

A game-themed restaurant called Antler Kitchen & Bar is being harassed by vegan protesters as they picket outside calling the owner a “murderer” for serving meat.

Michael Hunter, owner of the restaurant, grew weary of their chants “you’re a murderer,” and “you’ve got blood on your hands” and decided to rub a little salt in their wounds by carving up a deer leg right in front of them.

“I’ve left every time they came because it’s so upsetting,” the owner told the Globe and Mail. “I just felt helpless. It’s hurting our business. I hoped it would fizzle out and go away.”

“This is who we are and what we do,” Hunter continued. “They’re offending us; I’m going to offend them. So I went and got a deer leg.”

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“When I was finished, I cleaned the area down and I went back to the kitchen. At the time, I felt like I had stood up for myself,” he added.

Marni Ugar, protest organizer, claims all the picketers “felt sad” after the chef carved up the leg.

“We were in shock,” she told CTV. “It’s just an animal and we felt sad. For me, I felt sad for a few days after seeing that.”

“He wanted to get us back, which I guess is easy to do,” she continued. “We’re only there because we love animals.”

However, the owner expressed his regret over the stunt, and was upset the protesters got under his skin. “After, I didn’t feel good about it,” he said. “I felt like they got to me and I played into them.”

“There was no offense meant,” he continued. “I’m not trying to promote a meat diet. I have a lot of respect for the vegan diet because I know how hard it is.”

Police did interfere with the encounter, however nothing happened. The authorities entered the building and spoke with Hunter. Though the conversation wasn’t caught on audio, the two police officers can be seen leaving with a smile, which one protester called “unfortunate.”

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