Watch: Chuck Schumer Hammered on Senate Floor for Lying About Trump Being Under Investigation

Repeat a lying enough times, it becomes truth.

Chuck Schumer tried to pull that move claiming Trump was under FBI investigation, but his plan didn’t to turn that fib into fact didn’t go very far.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley made damn sure about that!

In order to destroy a lie and a liar, you’ve got to tell the truth, so Grassley started his statement with the real facts:

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The FBI was not investigating President Trump in the Russia probe. So the media was wrong; so the Democrats were wrong; so the wild speculation  and conspiracy theories ended up harming our country.

They played right into Russia’s hands. And how did we all learn about this truth? In President Trump’s letter removing Mr. Comey from office.

At first most didn’t believe it; the media scoffed when they wrote what the president said in that letter. They insisted that Mr. Comey would never tell the president he was not under investigation.

Well, we learned earlier this month from Mr. Comey himself that he had done exactly that. It wasn’t a surprise to me because Mr. Comey had told me the same thing.

Then the Senate Judiciary Chairman turned his raging hot fury on to Schumer, the lying Senate Minority Leader weasel:

Grassley: I have to note something else here; Mr. Comey didn’t just tell the president, Senator Feinstein and me that the president was not under investigation; he had also told the “Gang of Eight.” Of course, the “Gang of Eight” includes Senate Minority Leader Senator Schumer.

But even after Mr. Comey told the gang of eight that the president was not under investigation, the minority leader told the media that the president was under investigation and of course that further helped feed media storm hysteria.

He didn’t stop there.

Hammering Schumer for his antagonistic attitude in March when he stated on the Senate floor, “You can bet that if the shoe was on the other foot — and a Democratic president was under investigation by the FBI — that Republicans would be howling at the moon about filling a Supreme Court seat in such circumstances. After all, they stopped a president who wasn’t under investigation from filling a seat with nearly a year left in his presidency.”

Grassley stated, “The Minority Leader even tried to say that the Senate shouldn’t vote on the Supreme Court nomination because the president was under investigation and the whole time he knew it wasn’t true. So media hysteria and baseless political attacks filled the vacuum left by Mr. Comey’s failure to inform the public, to be transparent, to be accountable.”

Every politician needs to be kept in line.

No more getting away with lies and empty promises.



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