WATCH: Clinton Campaign Claims It’s Possible to Rig Elections

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-7-20-07-pmGreat. This guy pretty much confirmed our worse fear. So if Hillary wins the election, how do we know it was fair?

James Carville, one of former President Bill Clinton’s top cronies from his time in the White House, has long been known to say things he probably shouldn’t from time to time. So, imagine our not-surprise when he went on TV to denounce Republican nominee Donald Trump’s concerns about Democrat voting fraud and ended up making Trump fans even more worried.

Carville was making an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday when he proved Trump’s point.

“This is a fundamental attack on the country itself, the underpinning of it, that somehow or another it’s rigged or it’s not fair,” Carville said. “People, you know, some people believe that.”

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Carville then admitted that a voting machine could, however, be rigged.

“By and large American elections are pretty much on the up and up,” he continued. “It is very, very — I cannot tell you that somebody can’t rig a voting machine to get 100 votes here or 100 votes there, that is possible.”

“It’s as up and up as it can be,” Carville added. “Something happens, it gets hacked this time. But by and large, you’re never surprised at something that happens.”


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