WATCH: CNN Asks Jill Stein if She Has EVIDENCE of Fraud–Her Reply Will Make You Cry in Laughter

To sum this video up, Jill Stein doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She says that all this voter fraud happened and that there were so many suspicious things. When asked if there is evidence…

Well, just watch for yourself.

CNN’s New Day interviewed Jill Stein about her recount effort on Friday.

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“Do you think this election was stolen?” CNN’s host John Berman asked Stein point-blank.

“Um, we don’t know”…

“And I think the forensic computer experts have raised serious questions. What we do know is that this was a hack-riddled election. We saw hacks into voter databases, into party databases, into individual email accounts.”

Wait! It get’s better. Remember that Hillary was found to alter polls? Well, Stein blamed her suspicions in part on the fake polls! Those are Hillary’s, Jill, not Trump’s.

“So it’s extremely vulnerable. Americans deserve to have confidence in our vote.”

And when Berman asked if she has evidence that a hack took place.

“No. We do not have a smoking gun.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the intelligence of the Left.

H/T: 100 Percent Fed Up


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