WATCH: CNN Busted on Gun-Control Agenda, On Their Own Network

CNN invited Ben Shapiro on Brian Stetler’s show and that was their first mistake. Diving into an assortment of issues, Shapiro had some very harsh words for the network.

Here is what he had to say on CNN’s bias:

“The coverage of the gun debate has been absolutely egregious. And I don’t want to single out your network, but CNN’s been pretty bad on this from a conservative perspective. The idea that when there’s a mass shooting that the media feel the necessity to put on TV not only survivors but specific survivors… and that they decide to single out certain events and not other events in order to make a particular case or they allow certain people to go on TV and suggest that folks like Dana Loesch or people at the NRA are evil, don’t care, they’re terrorists, and there’s no pushback from the anchors.”

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