WATCH: CNN Caught Editing Keith Scott Shooting Video

As hard as it is to believe that CNN would try to bend the truth…….they clearly edited the video. In the unedited footage, you can clearly hear the officer yell “Drop the gun”. Does this change your opinion of the shooting?

A pro-Police group has accused CNN of deceptively editing the Charlotte shooting video, where police shot Keith Scott. Hat tip to our friends at The Daily Wire.

Yes, as shocking as it sounds to accuse CNN of doing such a thing (see CAUGHT: CNN Forced to Apologize For Doctoring Violent Milwaukee Video), let’s take a look. First, what CNN aired…

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Second, the unedited footage…

“The editing was clearly intended to give viewers the impression that Scott wasn’t armed. By intentionally excluding information to promote the false narrative that the officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott was unjustified, CNN directly contributed towards inciting violence and destruction in the Charlotte riots. Innocent citizens were hurt during the Charlotte riots, but editing like this also incites violence against police officers long after the riots are over.”

The media will never let facts get in the way of their narrative unless they get called out.

To recap:

  1. Media reports that Keith Scott was holding a book. Police say he was holding a gun.
  2. Police release a video that clearly has the officers yelling multiple times “Drop the gun!”
  3. CNN edits out the officers yelling “Drop the gun!”


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