WATCH: CNN Goes to Gun Range to Shoot AR-15, Proves Gun-Controllers Have No Clue What They are Talking About

CNN just showed their hand of how ignorant they are when it comes to guns after airing a report where Gary Tuchman goes on a “field-trip” with Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling to shoot an AR-15.

To say the least, it was embarrassing for them.

The two men and another employee of CNN each got behind the rifle and pressed the trigger, the results brought instant criticism on social media.

Watch Tuchman’s initial report:

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Among the vast array of issues during this segment one was Hertling’s comment, “Now those are single shots. If I wanted to fire this on full semi-automatic all I do is keep firing.”

He later corrected himself in a few tweets, however for a Lt. Gen. to make a comment like “full semi-automatic” kind of proves something.

Not everyone in the military is an expert on weapons. Just because they point and shoot a weapon, doesn’t mean that that person knows the full mechanics behind it.

Which is why during the report Tuchman was able to push the MSM lie that the AR-15’s defining characteristic is the “power of the bullet.”

Via the Daily Wire: Joseph P. Avery, a Ph.D. who has more than 30 years with the federal government in Army combat arms as an Air Force officer and in the Department of Defense, argues that the U.S. military is at a disadvantage because it uses the M-4/M16, which is the military version of the AR-15. Avery writes:

Despite incremental improvements, the M16 rifle and its 5.56 mm NATO round are unable to compete effectively in current and anticipated combat environments because of the physics of ballistic performance, combat terrain, and the nature and fighting characteristics of the enemy…

…The M16 has had two problems in the past: a cartridge with a projectile that is far too small (62 gr.) and underpowered, and a weapon platform that is unreliable and prone to jamming because of basic design flaws.


Twitter users couldn’t help but jump on CNN’s segment, thoroughly mocking their lack of expertise on firearms. What ever you do America, don’t listen to the MSM when it comes to guns:

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